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I’m studying the raw CSAP data that just came out, and I’m balancing it against some pupil data from the Colorado Department of Education.

Here’s a very interesting piece of information I came across.  It appears that nearly 10 percent of all kids that should be going to DPS, aren’t.  In raw dollars, that amounts to roughly $44 million a year that we lose in state funding for these kids.

Of particular concern to southwest Denver are the 2,393 students going to Jefferson County schools.  That’s roughly $14.3 million in state funds leaving for Jeffco alone.

Why aren’t these kids going to DPS?  It’s a great question.

In fairness, though, CDE’s data also says that 5,348 students that reside in other school districts come to Denver.  That’s roughly 7% of our student population.  Here’s that spreadsheet.  And 1,073 students are coming from Jeffco.

Here’s the data on the outgoing students, though: