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Let’s set the record straight about the whole marriage-counselor-at-the-Broadmoor thing, once and for all.

First, the Denver Board of Education always attends the Colorado Association of School Boards conference, and it’s always at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.

Second, it’s always the smart thing, whenever a new working group begins to embark on their tasks, to ensure there are ground rules and insights into communication styles, with the end result of more effective communication and cohesion.

Third, it’s true that Dr. Susan Heitler has counseled married couples, but she’s also a very experienced and skillful discussion facilitator.

Fourth, this facilitated discussion was planned even before the November 3 election, precisely because the board had become so fractured.  There were a lot of people choosing sides among the candidates, so board members Jeanne Kaplan and Theresa Pena decided it was a smart thing to calm the waters before moving forward.

So, we are not meeting at a luxury retreat at the Broadmoor with a marriage counselor.  That is simply a mischaracterization of the real purpose, which is to ensure that we can work together effectively and to attend the normal CASB yearly conference.

I wish the truth were less mundane than that, but that’s all there is to it.  It’s still about the kids, thankfully.