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Denver Post screen shot

I want to state my opinion about the recent Denver Post article, DPS execs got $344K in bonuses.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m having a lot of trouble justifying these bonuses in a district with a 48% graduation rate, with the impending likelihood that more than $30 million in cuts will need to be made in the DPS budget in the near future, in an environment in which our state government is strapped down by TABOR, and in a district that has a large concentration of senior citizens who now have to pay their full property taxes this year after having lost their homestead exemption in last year’s legislative session.

Frankly, this just seems obscene to me.  If this kind of performance happened in the business world, a 48% rate of return would have serious consequences.

To top it off, last week a voter sent the Board members the following email:

why are we “loaning” [Executive Director, Janus Education Alliance] to the federal government and paying for his salary and benefits? why is the board and the  superintendent  doing this as a “goodwill” gesture ?…

…in the case of [Executive Director, Janus Education Alliance] , a salaried position that has no direct impact on student learning. it is important that each dollar that is spent on a non student contact position is reviewed to determine how this position will have an positive impact on student learning- I hope that with a new board in place the member will become more observant and willing to question how and why  these positions are necessary

I have asked the Superintendent to tell me how this position is being funded, including salary and any benefits and/or perquisites, as well as a full report on what the position’s specific duties are on behalf of the district.

Denver, I need your help on this.  Please email or call the Superintendent to ensure that he responds to my request so that you, the public, can hear how your money is being spent.  Email Superintendent Tom Boasberg at THOMAS_BOASBERG@dpsk12.org or call him at 720-423-3388.  Urge him to be responsive to my request, as well as to Board members Kaplan’s and Jimenez’s requests for more information on how these bonuses are funded and under what criteria they are paid.

You, the tax-paying public, have a right to know.