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Director Andrea Merida, representing southwest Denver on the Denver Public Schools Board of Education.

Andrea Merida’s life is a study in serving first and asking questions later.  Her story is much like the stories of the people that live in Southwest Denver: putting their families first, making do with what they have, making tough personal decisions that are for the good of the people they care for, and building community with neighbors.  Having lived nearly all of her life in Southwest Denver, she graduated high school from Abraham Lincoln and went on to receive a degree from the former Barnes Business College.  She later studied music at Metropolitan State College of Denver.

At basic training, Ft. Dix, NJ

Basic training, Ft. Dix, NJ

Obeying an inner call to service, Andrea enlisted in the United States Army and received an honorable discharge.  After her discharge she continued her service as an Army wife, supporting her son and enlisted husband until his untimely death in a tragic auto accident.   This twist of fate left Andrea, then aged 23, responsible for caring for her young child and her ailing mother on her own.  Her mother’s disability required Andrea to devote her much of her  time and energy to providing  for her.  Even at such a young age, Andrea faced adversity and challenges with devotion and balance.

Not wanting to resign herself to a lifetime of public assistance, Andrea Merida had to develop a professional career that would work around her commitments to her family.  Andrea has served as an administrative assistant, internet marketing specialist and currently has a fashion-based internet marketing business.  Her ability to create a career while caring for her family shows her ability to adapt and adjust to life’s challenges in spite of the twists in the road.

with fellow district captains Susan Lontine and Karen Hatch

with fellow district captains Susan Lontine and Karen Hatch

Andrea Merida is committed to building a better and strong community.  She serves as a House District Captain in House District 2.  She volunteers her time to engage people in the political process and regularly helps legal residents prepare their citizenship applications.  Like so many others in Denver, Andrea worked tirelessly for Obama in 2008, which helped to expand her political experience and dedication.

Andrea Merida has lived a life like many in Southwest Denver.  She was a young mother devoted to her family and country.  As a result, she understands the needs of both the parents and the students in the district and will advocate for sensible change to improve our schools.  Southwest Denver families need a creative, resourceful advocate like Andrea Merida, working for them and helping to clear the roadblocks to strong communities that can feel proud of Denver schools.