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I’ve been spending a lot of time with data in the last week, reviewing test scores and tracking school improvement.  I am still very concerned that schools with high populations of kids classified as English learners are being judged inappropriately.  I’m concerned that we’re still making high-stakes decisions about students, teachers and schools based on CSAP data that is flat-out inappropriate.

I just made this video, 25 minutes long, to give you an initial glimpse into how I’ve been evaluating this data.  I am at the point of making some policy recommendations to the board, and I’ll be presenting this to my colleagues in a work session very soon.  To me, the issues I raise in the video are just plain old Colorado horse sense.

I should point out that the data shows that neighborhood middle schools are still making magic happen with their students.  Parents and teachers, you have lots to be proud of.

Click here for the data sheet that is the backbone of discussion in the video.  Please share the link and the video.  Let’s have this conversation in the open air.

ELL Policy Implications for Southwest Denver from Andrea Merida on Vimeo.

A look at the data around middle schools in southwest Denver and the English learners that attend them.