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The board received this letter yesterday, and with the author’s permission, I’m sharing it with you here.

November 10, 2011

Dear Honorable DPS School Board Members,

Thank you for the opportunity to share my letter with you today. I am a 14 year resident of Athmar Park, I have three students in Denver Public Schools, and I am an active community member. Currently I chair the Athmar Park Education Committee in our neighborhood.

APNA’s Education committee seeks to strengthen the connection between the neighborhood and its schools that are both housed in our community as well as serve the students who live in our community. We are delighted to serve alongside our local schools in this way through various shared events, support services and strengthening existing communication. This committee has and continues to reach its intended desires.

The Math and Science Leadership Academy is one of our neighborhood schools and in addition to seeking to provide a successful and excellent learning environment for their students, their commitment to strengthening our community as a whole is highly commended.

MSLA has consistently sent a representative to our monthly meetings. They are in constant communication with our neighborhood about things that are happening in their school. They have faithfully responded to our regular requests to be a partner with us. I have been incredibly impressed by their diligence in this area.

I was completely blown away a couple of years ago when I saw them set up a booth and attend our local neighborhood picnic. Not only were they the only school that did this, and has since attended further picnics, but it was during the summer when school was not in session. This spoke volumes to me as a community resident that they would care so much to join our event. I was also impressed that their “Lead Teachers” who many in the neighborhood consider “Principals” were there.

I appreciate the leadership of MSLA as well as the school’s strong commitment to not only educate their students in school but connect us all together to strengthen our entire community. Athmar Park would lose an incredibly strong asset to our neighborhood. Please do not change their location.


Michelle Warren
Athmar Park Resident
Athmar Park Neighborhood Association Education Committee Chair