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It's supposed to be cooler inside.

“It’s 101 degrees inside the Rishel building”!

“My daughter got overheated today and sick to her stomach because she was so hot.”

“It’s practically child abuse to require children to sit in such unbearably hot classrooms; they certainly can’t focus on their education when they are so overheated.”

These are just a few of the comments the board received today in response to the ridiculously-hot classrooms.  One parent has the solution, though:

I understand that retrofitting an air conditioning system into this old building is totally cost-prohibitive.  But, a simple, practically cost-free solution exists:  change the start date of the school year until after Labor Day.  By September, temperatures in Denver have come down several degrees.  While it still may be hot, the number of oppressive days declines.  Conversely, the weather in May and June is often cool and rainy.  (How many times has it snowed for Mother’s Day in recent years?)  Extending the school year into June, while starting in September, would thus allow the school year to naturally coincide with cooler times of the year, and substantially ease the burden on kids attending school in buildings that lack air conditioning.


Mary Seawell, Jeannie Kaplan and I are going to work on moving the school year so that it starts later.  There isn’t any hard-and-fast reason that our kids are starting so early.  So we’re going to immediately begin to look at the possibilities.

This is too hard on our kids and teachers.  What do you think?