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Today Denver teachers, including former Denver teacher’s union president Kim Ursetta and former vice president Jennifer Portillo, endorsed Andrea Merida for re-election to the Denver School Board. The new group, which includes both union members and non-members, will work to organize grassroots and financial support for Merida, long hailed as a champion for rank-and-file teachers and neighborhood schools that serve all of Denver’s families. Teachers for Andrea will help carry the message of real reform and neighborhood schools throughout southwest Denver.

Ursetta and Portillo are joined by southwest Denver union teacher-leaders Cecilia Miller and Andrea Panter, as well as long-standing union activist and teacher, Judy Cardenas.

“In school board elections, real grassroots support from people on the front line of education, still means a lot to voters, and I deeply moved by the outpouring of genuine affection from actual teachers as I work toward a November re-election,” said Merida.


To join Teachers for Andrea, click here.