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Now, I could have this totally wrong.

I’m going on the air around 6:30 p.m. today on AM760 to discuss the district’s dropout rate.  On my relatively cursory examination, it appears that the 2009-2010 dropout rate is really much larger than it is.  My calculations show a dropout rate of 11.34%, but according to the numbers reported to the Colorado Department of Education, they say it’s 6.18%.

I’m basing my numbers on the internal “membership reports” against the assumed dropout rate the CDE reports.  Here are the sets of data:

I just know that there’s something seriously wrong when the CDE says Abraham Lincoln High has 3,093 students, when everyone knows it’s really around 2,000.  Same for Kennedy, which CDE says has 1960, but we know it’s been under 1,000 for a few years now.  I’m sorry, I just know my schools much better than that.

I really, REALLY want to be wrong here, and I’ve asked the district to respond before airtime.  If I’m wrong, I will go back on the air and correct my statements, without hesitation.

Will the district?