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In light of the fact that Rep. Mark Ferrandino is now calling for a legislative audit of the DPS pension-related issues, you should know that I worked for Mark Ferrandino last session as his legislative aide. He has been concerned about the DPS pension-related issues since the merger legislation went through in 2008, however, which predates my tenure as his aide.

As the legislative session is over, I do not currently work for him.  The session ended in May 2010.

Further, my board colleagues all knew that I worked for him from before I was even sworn in, as did my predecessor. She even scolded him for employing me.

We don’t agree on everything (he voted in favor of the SB191 teacher evaluation bill while I wrote a statement against it), but we both agree that this was the wrong type of financial deal to enter into.  The fact that no one can predict the future strength or weakness of the financial markets makes it all the more vital that public monies be kept away from such schemes.

I look forward to the outcome of the legislative probe, and I hope, for the sake of our schools, to be proven wrong.  I am also asking the legislature to make these transactions illegal for any entity that accepts state funding.

Happy to answer any questions about this…feel free to call me at 720-985-1665 or at andrea@gumbolefunque.com.