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For Immediate Release
Contact: David Sabados

Jimenez calls on DPS Board members, candidates to condemn race-baiting

Following the recent malicious newspaper attack ads run by the so-called “Latinos for Education Reform,” Denver Public Schools Board of Education Vice President Arturo Jimenez is calling on DPS Board members, candidates, and the community to condemn the tactic of using race to attack other candidates. “These types of disgusting attacks have no place in our schools, and no place in politics,” said Jimenez. “Candidates and community members can disagree on policy and the best way to improve our schools without resorting to this.”

Additionally, Jimenez is calling on candidates endorsed by “Latinos for Education Reform,” specifically Jennifer Draper Carson, Anne Rowe, and Happy Haynes, to publicly tell this and any other organization that would engage in these tactics that their endorsement is not welcome if these are the sorts of attacks made in the candidate’s name. “This group has made it clear they are supporting those three individuals. Now those three need to say whether they support the dirty attacks.” Jimenez added, “This is not just about my campaign. This is about setting the tone for the future of the Board and the future of Denver politics.”

Jimenez is also calling on Mayor Hancock, who made clean campaigning a focus of his mayoral campaign and who has endorsed both Rowe and Haynes, to condemn the organization’s activities.

Finally, Jimenez is calling on Theresa Peña to explain her racially provocative attacks on the voting record of fellow board members, especially in light of the fact that Peña voted with Jimenez approximately 90% of the time.

There will be a press conference next week with community leaders joining Vice President Jimenez in condemning such attacks. All community members interested in a clean, issue-focused campaign in the interest of our children are welcome.