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I’m so excited…

Back in approximately February 2010, I asked the Superintendent’s staff to look into the news that Denver Lutheran High School, at roughly South Federal Boulevard and West Arizona Avenue, is up for sale.  My understanding is that they have built a new facility elsewhere and are in the process of phasing out the current school population while they transition to the new school facility.

I am very happy to announce that DPS has entered into negotiations for this property.  This is very much a win-win for lots of different reasons, including:

  • It’s a great new home for the West Denver Prep II school at Kunsmiller.  The school can comfortably hold around 600 students, and WDP II maxes out at around 300 students.
  • WDP II’s move will create more room for the Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy, which will be launching its 9th grade class next year.  The ultimate plan for KCAA is for a K-12 school with its promising arts curriculum.
  • The acquisition of the building creates space for a new, small high school.  It’s no secret that the district has been talking to the West Denver Prep people about having a high school, and the fear has been that it will go into either West, North or Kennedy.  Having a WDP High allows our comprehensive schools to grow and develop without fear of closure.
  • It also creates the possibility of a 6-12 program for WDP, making it easy for the WDP I students near Federal and Jewell to attend a high school in the high-stakes environment they’re used to.

There are some details to be worked out, like whether WDP II can collocate in the Lutheran building while they phase out their population, etc.  I’ll be talking to the WDP folks about the possibility of submitting an RFP for their small high school for next year’s consideration.

I’ll keep you posted on developments as they occur.  This is really a good thing.