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Happy Valentine’s Day!  I love you all!

  • I usually bristle when hearing teachers complain about kids’ behavior, but I do know that my constituents in SW Denver do feel that parent choices have an impact on student performance.  Here is some very interesting commentary along those lines, and it does bring to mind for me the gut-level I’ve been having recently, which is that parenting skills appear to be on the decline.  Many reasons for it, I know…
  • This is a very interesting article about homeschooling, by a true education visionary.  Think about these possibilities in terms of how the Innovation Schools Act can be applied to a public school.
  • A Georgia school district has declined to include Teach for America recruits in their teaching cadre, and the data says this was a good decision.
  • If you follow this blog or my Facebook posts with any regularity, you’ll know that I don’t like our DPS math curricula, Everyday Math and Connected Math.  I like what Arthur Benjamin says about we should be teaching math instead…and I completely agree.