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Very good stuff today!

  • Why the Common Core Standards, which Colorado has signed on to, will cheapen our kids’ educational experience and make them money-generating fodder for testing companies.
  • Does “competition” really make schools perform better?  This policy report from Minnesota says the evidence no.  I’ve been saying for a while that the free market assumes that commodities are of standard weight, measure and quality, that there is demand, and that the commodity holds its value.  Kids, however, are not standard commodities.
  • Here’s a really in-depth analysis of how “education reformers” are politicking their way to profits by dismantling our public education system.
  • Maureen Costello leads the Teaching Tolerance Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and she offers some very important words about “school choice.”  It’s a great concept, but it’s not panning out the way the proponents like to claim.

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