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UPDATE (12/9/12):  Because any “repayment” would come out of the same household budget, I am instead covering my own expenses from here on out instead of seeking reimbursement for them.  Further, I have authorized no other expenditure to come out of whatever board member allotment.  See my “expenses” page  for more information.

Just a quick note to tell you that I’ve decided to pay back what I overspent from our board allotment.  I want to be very clear, however, that I did not personally benefit from any of the expenses.  There is no personal enrichment here, only spending to outreach to you and to become a better board member.

The board president and I will go over what that amount actually is, since there’s still a lot of confusion about what should be part of the allotment and what is “traditionally” covered as a function of our duties.  Once we get the accounting straightened out, I will know what the amount is and will work to pay it back, however painful.  It’s only right.

The board president and I are also working together to put some policy in place.  Nothing should be left to memory, and our procedures need to be put down on paper as we transition for the next board that will be elected in November.  We still don’t have a system to help members track what they’re spending, and it’s not fair to anyone (especially to you) to leave things so loose.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns, as always.