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Recall Bonnie Archuleta, RTD Director, District C

Thanks for your interest in helping to set aright the course of RTD, in the aftermath of the board’s vote to hike fares by 15 percent on May 26, 2015.

It’s time to bring accountability to that institution, and we the voters can do that.  The Colorado Constitution allows the voters the right to recall any elected official, and we don’t even need a good reason.  However, demanding justice for the working class of this state is an excellent reason.

Some of our own reasons to recall Director Archuleta include:

  • He knows nothing about RTD or public policy in general
  • He tells constituents things like “you sound smarter when you speak Spanish, stop speaking English.”
  • RTD staff themselves have no confidence in him.  The staff was pushing for him to resign so they could reappoint Angie Malpiede (defeated incumbent) to the seat. Note: Malpiede is not the alternative.

The Game Plan

Here is the rough process we will need to follow in this zero budget, people-powered campaign:

  1. We need to write a statement of why we’re recalling, no less than 200 words, and submit to either the Colorado Secretary of State or Denver elections, pending a legal determination from SoS.
  2. Once the statement is approved, we will have 60 days to collect sufficient signatures from verified voters in RTD District C.  The number of signatures can be over 8,000 or as little as 300, pending a legal determination from the SoS.
  3. We will attempt to collect more signatures than is required, to cover any glitches in the voter record, signature legibility, etc.
  4. Once we submit signatures, Archuleta has a contesting period of 15 days.
  5. Once that period has passed, the recall election has to be scheduled for within 90 days from when the signatures have been declared “sufficient.”
  6. Simultaneous to the approval, an opposition candidate has to register to be placed on the ballot.
  7. There will be two “questions” on the ballot: (1) shall the director be recalled and (2) shall the opposition candidate(s) be elected.
  8. Then, it’s on to the ballot box!

Clearly, this is labor intensive and needs dedication.  Also, ahead of collecting signatures, it will be a good idea to register people to vote, especially from among RTD riders.  We will need to gather people together for that, first.

Mailing list

We will be posting updates to this page, but please get on the email list as well.


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    Update 1: 5/27/15

    Just got word from the Secretary of State that their internal attorney is not clear how many signatures are actually needed.  State statute (law) is unclear whether an RTD director is considered a state or a nonpartisan position.  If it’s a state, the number of signatures we need is at least the same as 40% of the votes cast for the Director District C position.  If it’s nonpartisan, we will only need 300 signatures.  The SoS internal attorneys will be meeting with the State Attorney General’s office (Cynthia Coffman) on Thursday, and we’ll get an answer Thursday or Friday.  Either way, we need your help!