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NOTE: Thad Tecza is a veteran political science professor and longtime Denver resident.  I’m posting his insight on 2C, which appears on the Denver ballot for this election.  I agree that we should all vote NO.

Citizens of Denver,
The September Finance Reports are now posted on the Denver Election Commission’s website. “A Smart Deal for Denver”, “Yes on 2C”, has collected $1,177,335. 34, almost solely from government, corporations and wealthy individuals connected to the construction, livestock and tourism industries. It has spent $997,262.04 to buy the November election. I have attached a list of the major contributors to the campaign and expenditures by it (see bottom).

When Denver expands the National Western Stock Show Complex, the contributors to the campaign expect a minimum of an $856 million return on their approximately $1 million investment. To give you an idea of specific returns, Kiewit Infrastructure, Inc. has contributed $15,000 to the campaign and is in the process of receiving a $140 million contract from the City of Denver. David Kenny contributed $1,000 to the campaign while his firm, “The Kenny Group”, has already received $36,000 in Consulting Fees. CRL Associates contributed $1,000 and has received $30,000 for Campaign Management. It is these types of returns that make their investment in “A Smart Deal for Denver” into “A Smart Deal for The Contributors”.
Crony capitalism is the marriage of government and private special interests. According to its September Financial Report, “A Smart Deal for Denver” received a $200,000 contribution from “Visit Denver”. The Visit Denver website states that “Visit Denver is funded from both private (membership, advertising, and sponsorship) and public sources (voter-approved lodging tax).” This is government in cahoots with corporations to subvert the election process in the interest of profits.

Welfare capitalism occurs when the government subsidizes private corporations, often at the expense of the public interest. In this case, given the investment that has been made by government, private corporations and the super-rich to determine the outcome of the election, any benefits that the National Western Expansion Project produces for most of the citizens of Denver will be an accidental byproduct of serving the needs of the interests financing “A Smart Deal for Denver”. They will be the table scraps from the corporate feast.

Most importantly, the corruption of the democratic system by “A Smart Deal for Denver” will prevent us from a full evaluation of alternative expenditures of the $778 million that the City will spend on the National Western and Convention Center expansions. We will never know if a Lowry type redevelopment at the Stock Show site, or distribution of more than $70 million in improvements to each of the 11 Council Districts, would have been more beneficial to the citizens of Denver. The money will be gone in the pursuit of private profits for special interests.

The fact that over $1 million will be spent to convince voters to vote “Yes” on 2C while, to my knowledge, not a single penny is being spent in opposition makes informed evaluation of the choices available to voters impossible. The upcoming election is a sham. It is a repulsive travesty of democracy. It violates every principle that our system of referred elections was intended to advance.

As a person of conscience and a citizen of Denver you should not be a party to this abomination. I urge you to vote “NO” on 2C and to encourage your fellow citizens to do likewise.

Thad Tecza


A Smart Deal for Denver Contributors

Total Contributions, $1,177,335.34

National Western Stock Show Association and Board

  1. National Western Stock Show Association, $55,152
  2. Ronald W. Williams: Chairman, National Western, $100,000
  3. Patrick A. Grant: Vice Chairman and Cecily Grant, $23,000
  4. Sue Anschutz-Rodgers: 1st Vice-President, $75,000
  5. GG (Buck) Hutchison: 2nd Vice President/Hutchison, Inc., $15,000
  6. Don Elliman: Board Member, $5,000
  7. Gail Klapper: Board Member, $1,000
  8. Justin Cumming: Board Member, $500
  9. Tracey Ringolsby: Board Member, $200
  10.  Terrance Carroll: Board Member, $200

Other Notable Individuals:

  1. Pat Stryker, $100,000
  2. Charlie Smith: Populous; Senior Principal, $15,000
  3. Diane Wallach: Cody Resources, $10,000
  4. William Sinclaire, $10,000
  5. Butler Snow, PO Box 6010, Ridgeland, Mississippi, $10,000
  6. Steve Bangert, CoBiz, Inc; Chairman/CEO, $5,000
  7. Joseph Blake, $5,000
  8. Daniel Richie, $5,000
  9. Robert Tointon, $5,000
  10. Jeffrey Keller: Asphalt Paving Company President, $5,000
  11. H. Benjamin Duke: Rancher, $2,500
  12. John Green, Scottsdale Arizona, $2,500
  13. Nancy Turo Moore, CH2M Hill Group Chief Executive, $2,500
  14. Randell Blach, Blach Cattle Company, $1,500
  15. Bob Beauprez, $500

Notable Business Contributions:

  1. Visit Denver, $200,000
  2. M.D.C. Holdings, $50,000
  3. Service Systems Associates, $30,000
  4. Saunders Construction Inc., $25,000
  5. Cervi Enterprises, Business Management, Greeley, Colorado, $25,000
  6. Beri Management, $25,000
  7. Benson Mineral Group, $25,000
  8. Associated General Contractors, $25,000
  9. CO State Conference of Electrical Workers, $16,700
  10. Kiewit Infrastructure Co, $15,000
  11. Rocky Mountain District Council No. 5, Colorado Springs, Co.
  12. Colorado Contractors Association, $10,000
  13. Citywide Banks, $10,000
  14. Xcel Energy, $10,000
  15. Trammell Crow Company, $10,000
  16. Bud M. Adams Survivors Trust, $10,000
  17. Bradbury Family Partnership, $10,000
  18. FC Facilitator LLC, Cleveland, Ohio, $10,000
  19. Raymond Duncan Revocable Trust, $10,000
  20. IUPAT Political Action Together PAC, Hanover, Maryland, $10,000
  21. AED Live LLC, Los Angeles, California, $10,000
  22. AEG Live, LLC, Denver, $10,000
  23. Rocky Mtn. Chapter, NECA $8,333,34
  24. United Association of Journeymen & Apprentices, Annapolis, Maryland, $5,000
  25. Local Union No 9 Sheet Metal Workers, $6,500
  26. Encore Electric $5,000
  27. Berg Electric Corp., Los Angeles, California, $5,000
  28. Flood and Peterson, Greeley, Colorado, $5,000
  29. Cobb Mechanical Contractors, $5,000
  30. Milender White Construction Co., $5,000
  31. Colorado Building and Trades Council, $5,000
  32. Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, $5,000
  33. Issues Mobilization Committee, $5,000
  34. Journeymen Plumbers & Gasfitters Local Union 3, $5,000
  35. LPR Construction Co., $5,000
  36. Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, $5,000
  37. Pipefitters Local Union No. 208, $5,000
  38. Rocky Mountain District Council of Laborers, $5,000
  39. Colorado Sheet Metal Industry Fund, $3,250
  40. SMACNA Colorado, $3,250
  41. Puma Steer, Cheyenne, Wyoming, $3,000
  42. The Jones Realty Group, $3,000
  43. Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP, $2,500
  44. JRL 51st Street LLC.,$2,500
  45. JE Dunn Construction Company, Kansas City, Missouri, $2,500
  46. Davis Partnership Architects, $2,000
  47. Hispanic Contractors of Colorado, $1,500
  48. Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, $1,500
  49. Elevation Development Group, $1,500
  50. ZBlock Holdings, $1,000
  51. Union Station Alliance LLC, $1,000
  52. M and M Farms, $1,000
  53. CRL Associates, $1,000
  54. David Kenny, $1,000

Total Expenditures: $997,262.04

Notable Expenditures:

  1. MSR-Next: TV Ad Placement, $700,000
  2. Hill Research Consultants, Auburn, Alabama, Polling, $29,444.50
  3. Dewey-Obenchain Films, Advertising Production, $37,475
  4. Derrington Consulting: Campaign Management and Consulting,
  5. CRL Associates: Campaign Management, $30,000
  6. The Kenny Group: Consulting, $36,000
  7. Jake Martin: Consulting and Office Supplies, $12,091.88
  8. Hilltop Public Solutions, 3000 K Street, Washington D.C.,, Consulting, $11,000
  9. C&D Printing, Yard Signs, $7,162.48
  10. Derrington Consulting, $5,213.15
  11. Patricia Salazar, Consulting, $10,000
  12. 4Degrees Inc: Website Development and Online Advertising, $23,330
  13. The Starboard Group: Fundraising Service, $15,041.48
  14. Philanthrophy Expert, LLC: Online Advertising, $10,141.48,000
  15. Ellen Bruss Design: Graphic Design Services, $5,000
  16. Central Vectors LLC: Community Organizing: $4,500
  17. John Zapien, $2,500
  18. Anthony Grimes, Community Outreach, $1,750
  19. Heart and Mind Media, Video Production, $1,100
  20. Liz Adams, Consulting, $1,500
  21. Sauers Consulting, $750