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We passed a board spending policy tonight, unanimously, which largely codifies what the practice has already been. ¬†Here’s the statement that I issued to the media, in full:

I am glad that the confusion caused by the absence of a spending policy is now rectified. Although my offer to pay for some of my expenses was not authorized, I am glad we’ve passed this policy by a unanimous vote. To further demonstrate my commitment to transparency to my community, I will be posting my expenses on my website so they can see for themselves how I support them with the resources their tax dollars have provided.

I am disappointed that the lack of clarity we inherited from previous boards has been turned into a campaign issue, and I am hopeful that this type of politically-motivated, manufactured discord will now be put to rest so we can focus on real issues like the burdensome debt our district is saddled with due to financial mismanagement, as well as on student achievement.

Here’s a link to the new board spending policy, for your perusal. ¬†Also, I’ve just launched the “Expenses” page, still under construction, where you can keep an eye on what I’m spending and why.

As always, please send me your questions and concerns.