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12068587_10206810657841159_6852361407673733707_oI am happy to endorse Robert Speth for Denver school board at large. He is a longstanding Denver resident and DPS parent who has a track record of successfully getting the district to commit to promises made to community. He is collaborative and positive, and he believes that the community who pays for schools ought to have a say in their disposition. I have seen him, first hand, navigate relationships to ensure that the district followed through in rebuilding Valdez Elementary, where his kids attend, when the district initially reneged on the arrangement. He builds consensus and weaves in the voices of all.

When Denver’s voters approved the most recent school bond, they understood that Valdez Elementary the place that was oppressively small, with crucially-needed HVAC improvements, and was not compliant with ADA standards.  After the bond passed, DPS decided not to invest any money in Valdez at all.  Robert lead the team of parents to ensure that the district reverted from their bait-and-switch position and followed through on their commitments.

One of my favorite reasons for supporting Robert Speth is the fact that he understands we should BE about equity for all students, not just TALK about it. His family enthusiastically welcomes the real diversity and opportunity that being a Valdez family presents, and he learns every day more and more about the simple good logic of supporting English learners. I trust Robert to look out for Denver’s English learners, which are approaching 50 percent of DPS’ students!

Robert opposes the forced privatization of Abraham Lincoln High School, my alma mater, and he supports re-opening Montbello High School and restoring it to the Far Northeast community of Denver.

You can find out more about him at www.spethforstudents.org.

Andrea Mérida
former DPS board member for Southwest Denver
Co-chair of the Green Party of the United States (used for identification only)