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Hello friends and neighbors!

Andrea with husband Jason (right) and friend.

Many of you know that I am a fierce advocate for Southwest Denver, from Barnum to Westwood, Pinehurst to Grant Ranch, from Mar-Lee to Harvey Park and from Ruby Hill to Bear Valley.  I have been an advocate for important issues facing our community in the offices of our state legislators. I have organized community-based clean-up programs that serve to keep our communities free of trash and graffiti. I have worked to engage Southwest Denver voters by registering people to vote and encouraging voter participation.

The work I have done for our community has shown me that there is still more work to do, and so I look to our collective future: the future of our children and the importance of their academic excellence.

Neighborhood cleanup in Barnum

Neighborhood cleanup in Barnum

I’m running for school board because excellence from our students requires excellence in the way we allocate resources, in the way we facilitate teacher excellence and in the way we foster excellence in community involvement to make it possible.  And so the logical choice is to carry the standard and ask for your vote so that I can represent ALL Southwest Denver’s children on the Denver Board of Education for District 2.

It’s time for real reform that enables you, the community, to be a part of the solution.  It’s time for us to demand excellence from our schools, from the district, and from ourselves.  It’s time for all of us to feel proud again of our Southwest Denver schools.

Join me in this campaign, by sharing your thoughts with me, by volunteering some of your precious time, or by sharing a bit of your personal treasure to make my campaign, OUR campaign, possible.